Kettlebell Club

No barbells, tons of fitness, tons of fun. Great for beginners wanting to transition into CrossFit or individuals just wanting to get fit without the barbell loading. Focusing on building strength and metabolic conditioning.

General Physical 


CFSS has members from all walks of life, all skill levels, all ages. We focus on each individual’s needs and abilities within a group setting including lifting and general physical preparedness to eliminate weaknesses and improve your movement quality and level of fitness.

Mobility Class

An hour packed with parasympathetic engagement. Focusing on breathing, mindful movement and mobility, and intentional stillness to help balance out and recover from all the hard work your body is put through all week. 


Kids Fitness is designed to introduce youth to the world of fitness. The greatest gift we can give the future generation is the knowledge of how to workout safely and effectively. Through Kids Fitness program the youth will learn to love fitness and enjoy activities safely!

Athlete Strength & Conditioning

The program will develop the youth’s strength and conditioning skills for any sport. It consists of skills such as agility, strength, speed and power. Focusing on the development of proper movement patterns in order to decrease risk of injuries. We will achieve this by running, throwing, lifting and sprinting.