Owner of S3 Athletics, formerly CrossFit Strode Station, in Winchester and Tres Strength in Georgetown. Tackett began CrossFit in 2009 and became a trainer at CrossFit Thunder in Huntington, WV in 2010.  He enjoys living an active lifestyle with wife and three kids. Tackett likes to get out of the gym and test his fitness on his road bike, mountain bike, participating in triathlons and getting out in the woods with his family. 

-USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach

-CrossFit Level 1 certified

-CrossFit mobility and recovery certified

Josh Tackett

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Ryan Scott was a member of S3 Athletics for close to 2 years before becoming a trainer. He has about 10 years experience in the fitness field. "There is an art to coaching and making sure we are all getting what we need." He is constantly attending lectures and seminars on physical fitness to transfer and incorporate into his training. Scott also offers personal training and one-on-one coaching to all fitness levels and ages. 

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

Ryan Scott

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Born and raised in Texas, moving to Central Kentucky in 2014, Jocelyn is an active firefighter/paramedic. Coming from a vast history of growing up participating in multiple sports, Jocelyn began working out lifting weights and using hypertrophy and body building style workouts. Following her love for the metabolic push she joined S3 Athletics in 2018. Since Jocelyn has competed in a number of powerlifting and CrossFit competitions. 

-CrossFit Level 1 Certified

-Power Athlete Methodology L1

-Westside Barbell Rule of Three

-ISSA Certified Coach

-Nationally Registered Paramedic

-ACLS and CPR Certified

Jocelyn Bartmess

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 Finding exercise and training through the need and desire to improve his life and still be around to live one, he started doing CrossFit in late 2013 and knew immediately that he wanted to be involved in spreading the good word of training and health. By 2014, he had received his CF-L1 and was doing an internship to start coaching. He has been coaching since 2015 and have helped develop both athletes and people just looking to get a workout and improve their level of fitness.

"I believe that strength is the most important part of health, athletic development, and improving your level of preparedness. I believe in helping people achieve their goals through well thought out, concise, and applicable training methods."

-Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Boxing Practitioner

-CrossFit Level 2 Certification

-Block One Coach by Power Athlete

Christopher Bean

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Daniel Chandler

Whether it was playing sports such as soccer, football, and track, or having to maintain an elite level of fitness in the military fitness has always been a priority for Daniel. Learning and participating in CrossFit this past year has made him learn so much from an athlete’s perspective that it made him have the desire to coach others to help them reach their hidden potential. Working at S3 Athletics has become a dream come true for Daniel and he is looking forward to helping each and everyone to become healthier and more fit individuals. Some future courses he will be taking are USA Weightlifting, CrossFit Gymnastics, and The Army Master Fitness Trainer.

-CrossFit Level 1 Certification

-CrossFit Spot the Flaw

-CrossFit Programming

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Allison Nelson

 Allison is the yoga and mobility instructor at S3 Athletics. Juggling graduate school, expanding her family, marriage, and her career, Allison found she had lost touch with the things that she used to greatly enjoy. Following the birth of her second child, in 2013, was when she was introduced to yoga from a dear friend and quickly fell in love. She continued to seek resources and local connections to further her practice, and became a certified Registered Yoga Teacher(RYT) in 2017.