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New Year Reset at S3

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Reset, Reflect, and Refresh at S3 Athletics

Valid for 6 weeks.

Unlimited Workouts

Free Bring a Friend Pass

Goal Setting Appointment with a Coach

Free Sunday Yoga



We all have goals and the hardest part is starting but it's the journey that makes it worth it. They say "anything worth having doesn't come easy" but it's easier with expert coaching and the camaraderie you develop at S3 compared to conventional gyms.  Growth, whether it be physical, personal, or emotional, requires us to step outside our comfort zones and everyone that stands next to you at S3 is stepping out of theirs too so you are never alone. So join the community at S3 and surround yourself with like-minded individuals that know physical, personal, and emotional success is worth a little bit of sweat and grind. Plus the coaches here help you get it done. Now it's up to you, you in?

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