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2017 Year in Review

As we wrap up another calendar year at CFSS and approach the end of our 3rd year in business in a few months.  I thought we would talk a look back.   No better way to tell a story than through pictures.  I will keep my comments brief.

At the beginning of this year we sat out to improve the overall appearance of our gym, grow our youth programs and expand our service offerings.

I think we blew these goals out of the water.

  1. We were able to purchase 5 Xebex bikes

  2. Added bars kettlebells, sandbags medicine balls

  3. Lined up and frame in mats

  4. Added Kettlebell Club Classes

  5. Added Yoga

  6. Largest Kids programs to date

  7. 25+ Kids in our 8 week summer program

  8. Bath County Boys Basketball

  9. GRC Boys Baseball

  10. GRC Girls Soccer

  11. GRC Girls Basketball


Check out some highlights of this past year.   Athletes, The Intramural Open, Lots of Competitions, races and community events.   Thanks to all the wonderful people who have supported this journey.  We have met so many awesome people this year that believe in us and help us continue to live our mission to make Central Kentucky a healthier, happier place to be.   This year was full of change and growth;and we will continue to push forward to create environment that is supportive, accepting and unlike any other place around.

Myself and my staff our planning to make 2018 even better.

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