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2018 : Best. Year. Ever.

Every year at CFSS, we’ve seen growth and change. That being said, 2018 was one for the record book. So many events, new members, and so much to look forward to in 2019.

We don’t ever want this gym to stagnate. We want to provide you all with the most comprehensive fitness experience we can. That being said, we invested in a lot of new equipment since the beginning of the year. The new SkiErgs, belt squat machine, reverse hypers, inverse curls, and so many more items were all bought with you all in mind. We also started offering Yoga weekly to help aid in recovery.

We made sure our coaches got as much additional training as we could, so you all could trust that you’re always in good hands. They participated in events clinics with WestSide Barbell, running clinics, and power athlete seminars.

So many events were hosted at our gym, and we love that we have the space and the member participation to be able to bring our community together as often as we do. We hosted 2 different Festivus competitions, 2 Power Lifting competitions, The Inaugural Storm Run Gauntlet, the WestSide vs The World screening, and the Adventure Race. We also had some of our ladies put together our first Flights and Flow yoga event. We also hosted multiple Hero WODs that brought people out in droves to honor people who have died in the line of duty.

Our gym showed out in a huge way at multiple events. We did our first Relay For Life, and won an award for the most money raised. We were the largest team(again) at the Turkey Trot, had multiple members run the extremely difficult Rugged Red half marathon, and participate as teams in multiple CrossFit competitions all around the tristate area. We also had the Swartz family host an amazing relay race for the gym members.

Our Strength and Conditioning program has exploded. We have athletes from multiple counties coming to us individually and as teams, and we love being such an integral part of their sports careers. We worked with the GRC Girls basketball, Dance Team, and Baseball teams. We also trained the Bath County Boys basketball and Girls Softball teams. We had the 10U Legends baseball team in the gym for workouts as well.

Our membership expansion is what we’re most proud of though. We went from 109 to 160 members over the course of the year, and that is an insane amount of growth. We wouldn’t be here without you all, and we hope to keep seeing explosions in growth next year too.

To our CFSS family, we genuinely enjoy doing what we do. And that wouldn’t be possible without such an amazing gym family. You all put in the work, you push each other, and you make it fun. From our family to yours, we wish you all the best in the new year, and can’t wait to help you smash your newest goals.

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