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2019 CrossFit Open Teams

Alright everyone, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Here are the 4 teams for the CFSS Intramural Open. Remember, your team gets points just for you showing up and completing the workout, so make sure you come out every week to compete! We can’t wait to see who comes out on top! And if you notice anyone is missing from this list, they’re a free agent, so recruit away! Try to get as many people on your team as possible, and let’s have some fun this Open season.

Chalk Dirty To Me:

Team Captain – Jason Joseph

Alexis Ockerman

Amandeep Sanga

Andrew Ware

Austin Greanias

Brendan Sadler

Bobby Bowling

Candice Tackett

Chelsea Campbell

Cheryl Justice

Joey Nootchie

Krystle Roden

Leslie Hatton

Lisa Willoughby

Rebecca Upperman

Rodney Horning

Samantha Mastin

Wyn Saunier

Wine me, Dine me, 21-15-9 me :

Team Captain – Andy Spargo

Alexis Apodaca

Allison Nelson

Barry Phillips

Bill Penniston

Cameron Spicer

Charlie Blanton

Diana Cline

Jocelyn Bartmess

Josh Tackett

Madison Wells

Matt McCaslin

Russell Upperman

Talen Spargo

Tamela Porter

Tommy Newkirk

Vernon Shearer

Will Justice

Friends with CrossBeneFits:

Team Captain – Bridget Webb

Andrew Kain

Angela Franklin

Chris Shearer

Jason Maggard

Jessica Chamberlain

Jessica Montgomery

Kathleen Butler

Kristi Swartz

Lisa Penniston

Matt Mattingly

Monica Manning

Nathan Chapman

Neal Swartz

Shane Conley

Stacy Thomas Shimfessel

Tatiana Hall

Tiera Jackson

11 Snatches and a couple of Jerks :

Team Captain – Rachel Mullikin

Amanda Fite

Bart Williams

Becky Spargo

Bob Roden

Caitlin Sadler

Collin Wedwick

Cynthia Araya

Garland Ballard

Kaci Penniston

Kendrick Adams

Mike Holloway

Missy Estep

Natasha Bowling

Patti Siwula

Rayne Woodring

Ryan Scott

Taryn Williams

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