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A little More

Do you ever feel like you can do just a little more? More time with your family? More housework (probably just me)? More time spent on bettering yourself? It’s a fine line to walk because how do you know when you’ve done enough or when you can push yourself to do a little more.

When I joined Crossfit in April 2018, I knew I wasn’t doing enough in my life. I was struggling mentally and physically because I wasn’t doing enough to take care of myself. As a mother to three young children, I knew I could do more for them if I could just take care of me. Since joining Crossfit, I’ve lost several pounds and I’ve lost some inches. But, the best part of joining Crossfit is what I’ve gained from giving a little more.

When I walked in to my first WOD (I think I still ask every workout what all of the acronyms mean), Josh was willing and waiting to ease every anxiety about exercising in this new setting. I had heard about Crossfit and I knew some of my friends had joined in the past but I also knew they were in great shape. I was not. I used to play sports in high school and part of college but that was many, many moons ago. However, I was determined to try something new and to not give up too easily.

My very first class, and every class the first month, was modified and designed to fit my physicality. That’s why the coaches are the specialists. I joke with the coaches now that “I want to be a Crossfit-er” and they know that I mean I want to be pushed a little more so I can do what everyone else is doing. My first power clean-front squat-jerk combination I was using a training bar with a 5lb weight on each side. Last week, I was able to do that same combination (with a scary split jerk too) with 65lbs over my head. I got a little emotional after the workout because I felt strong! I was able to do a little more.

Will I be able to do a toe-to-bar or a full burpee with a box jump in the near future? Probably not. But, I can try. I love that even though I have only been a “Crossfit-er” for two months, I know I have my coaches and my new found friends/teammates to cheer me on. However, the very best part is the new me. I’m now the mom that can do a little more for her kids because of how much mental and physical strength I have gained just by walking through the doors of Crossfit.

-Kathleen Butler

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