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Can you believe we are only 2 weeks from our 1 year anniversary!!!

Important Upcoming Dates 

February 27th – Powerlifting meet ( No Saturday morning Class)

February 29th- Nutrition Challenge ENDS

  1. That means you will need to send in your post challenge picture, weight and body fat percentage sent us so we can dwindle the finalist down to 3 for the gym to vote on.

  2. We over half through everyone is doing great.  Lets push this thing home, I am hearing great stories of success so far.

March 1st Facebook Check-in contest

  1. Make sure to #cfstrodestation

  2. member with most check-ins for the month receives $30 dollar Rogue gift card and a bag of SFH protein.

March 5th One year anniversary Party/ end of nutrition challenge feast

  1. party starts at 7:30 at the gym

  2. We Will provide Beer and Meat 🙂

  3. You can sign up to bring a side dish

  4. This is an Adults ONLY party ( we love the kids but its good to get some adult time too)

Please help keep your children in the designated area during class.

  1. We enjoy having your children here and it is great for them to see you make fitness a priority in your life however the last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt…

  2. Thanks for your understanding

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