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Are forces of mediocrity pulling you back?

Are forces of mediocrity pulling you back?

Hear me out for second, does sound like a conversation you had before? You workout all the time, you can 1 doughnut, candy bar, fast food or whatever your co-workers are trying to guilt trip you into. There’s more, have you heard this one? I just think your losing too much weight, you need to eat more than just fruits and vegetables! Or maybe this, your getting bulky those muscles just don’t look good...

Ahhhhhh, why do people who are not working towards their goals always try you pull down with them? We live in culture where we can’t celebrate people’s success. Because they don’t have the self discipline to pack turkey and carrots

They want you to Wendy’s with them, because it makes them feel better about themselves.

Are you guilty of doing this? I have! My wife will be eating really well and I will try to coerce her to getting beer and cheeseburgers with me because it will make me better about my bad decision.

Break the cycle. Celebrate people’s success. Help support them. Don’t be a hater. There is plenty of room for us all to be working towards are goals.

That’s what I love about the S3 Athletics. Our goals may be different but the support is always there. Surround yourself with people that lift you up!

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