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Attention Smart Phone Users


OK I have a challenge for all my Iphone users.   Go to your settings click on the battery icon, get ready to have your mind blown, now scroll through and look how much of your precious time you waste on your phone!!!

This realization started for me a week ago.  I was really exhausted by the all the negativity that cluttered my facebook feed, between the non-stop political banter, the terrorist attacks and daily complaints about how terrible life is I decided my breaking point was near.  I started exploring my phone to delete my facebook app from phone  I discovered I could see how much time a week I was spending on my facebook app.  It was at this time I discovered I was spending 12 hours a week on my phone scrolling through facebook!!!!! 12 hours a week.  This completely blew my mind.  That is 48 hours a month.  I cant compute past that because I might spontaneously explode.  That’s a lot of time I could be working toward a goal, educating myself or spending time with my family.

The number one excuse I hear for why people do not take better care of themselves is because they do not have enough time.  I think like myself a lot of you will be shocked at how much time you waste mindlessly disengaged from reality staring at your little screen.  I challenge you during this holiday season to put your phone down be present.  Enjoy your family, your friends and live your life.  You will not be disappointed.


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