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Avoiding the Holiday Meltdown

“I’ve already had two plates of food, what’s one more?” The holidays are not typically the kindest to our waistlines and our motivation. When there’s cookies and rolls and mashed potatoes as far as the eye can see for practically a month on end, it’s hard to not only eat sensibly, but to keep pushing yourself to go to the gym as well. Time with family is important. Time with friends is important. Being with the ones you love it what this time of year is about. But don’t let that push you away from your goals instead of towards them.

During the holiday season, it may be a little lofty to expect to lose 10 pounds. But maybe set a goal to keep going to the gym at least 3 days a week. Or even just maintaining the weight you’re currently at. You don’t have to set yourself up to potentially fail, but you also shouldn’t give up on yourself altogether either.

Here’s a few tips to keep you motivated and accountable during the holiday season that’s upon us.

1. Find a gym partner who you can check in on. Who is typically in your same class time everyday? Ask them if they want start checking in via text or messenger to keep each other accountable and make sure you show up to the gym.

2. During your holiday meals, opt for eating some protein first before going crazy on carbs. Protein will fill you up faster with less calories, and you’ll still have room for some potatoes and broccoli casserole without eating your weight in them.

3. While Christmas cookies are amazing, try to limit them to once a week vs every day. That may mean asking grandma to only send a half a tin home with you just to keep yourself from going crazy.

4. Try to sit down and plan your week out ahead of time. Need to do some last minute shopping a few days before Christmas? Can you go on a Saturday afternoon instead of Friday night? That way you can still come to class Friday and Saturday without skipping a day. Trying to zoom out and look at the larger picture usually helps. Plus, there is ALWAYS Amazon, and then you can shop in your pajamas.

5. Stress causes higher cortisol levels, which can cause less sleep and increases to body fat. Try to take a few minutes a day to yourself. Just to breathe. Relax. Read a book. Go get a massage. While we all seem to stress a bit during the holidays, our moms usually seem to take the brunt of it all on, between all the shopping and cooking and juggling 15 family events. Give yourself a break and DO NOT feel guilty about it.

6. Your gym family will still be here even if you go MIA for a bit in the next month. Don’t feel like a failure and throw in the towel altogether if you miss 2 weeks in a row. You can always jump right back in where you left off when you get back. And who doesn’t want a big PR for Christmas?

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