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Like free stuff? How about a $50 Rogue gift card, or 2 free months of gym dues?

Starting January 1, we will be starting a CFSS Bingo contest. There will be an array of tasks or challenges on the Bingo board. The first three people to get a Bingo(straight across, straight down, or diagonal) will win a $50 gift card. But that doesn’t mean the contest will be over.

The first person to get a cover-all on the board will get 2 free months here at CFSS. So while we may award 3 gift card winners early in the month, don’t give up on completing your board.

All Bingo boards have to stay in the gym, and a coach has to sign off on each square as you complete it. There will be squares that may have you doing specific movements before or after a class, some may require you to check in online, or you may need to get to know another member better than you do. Nothing on the board will be incredibly difficult, but will require you to be engaged. We can’t wait to give away some prizes in the New Year. You all deserve it.

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