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Back on the Wagon!

With the re-opening of gyms either happening now or on the near horizon, this brings about a big question that many members of gyms have...

Where do we go from here?

How do we get back into the swing of training?

If you haven't been able to train at all, then I would absolutely advise a slower build back up into your normal routine. That will look different for everyone. It might be lighter weights, a few less sets, or running a few less miles.

If you've been able to train and are going to be heading back into a place like a CrossFit gym or getting your hands back on a barbell, I'd advise that the intensity is kept relatively low for at least the first two weeks. For example, at TRES Strength, we'll be doing a month of the Repetition Method and the Dynamic Effort Method on our lifting days and utilizing interval work to reintroduce intensity back into our conditioning pieces. What lots of folks are going to find is that a loaded barbell just FEELS heavy, when in reality, it's not. Your strength does not leave that quickly, I promise. We just need to take some time to reintroduce heavy load and remind the Central Nervous System what it feels like to move some weight.

This is not to say that you should spend the next six months babying yourself. Because you absolutely should not. Yes, you're first couple workouts back may feel rough, but after that, you'll start to feel better. Your body remembers what strong and healthy feels like once you've been there and it WANTS to get back to it now. We are NOT "starting over." We are NOT "back at square one."

We had an eight to ten week hiatus.

In the grand scheme of things, a hiatus that length disappears into the calendar.

If you're not sure where to start, find a sled and start dragging it. Find some Dumbbells, Kettelbells, Sandbags, or even just a rock, and carry it. Go on a walk or a jog. Find a gym and do some curls and leg press. Chase a pump. Just MOVE. So many folks are over analyzing the reintroduction of exercise, when we should just remember the basic idea for chasing and maintaining our health: move. Get up and go do something. You do not HAVE to have a plan the moment the gym reopens. You don't have to immediately dive in head first again. Take a minute. Ease in. Remember what the water feels like and find your footing.

We got nothin' but time.

Stay Strong!

- Coach Bean

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