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Be Fit To Live

Be Fit to Live

I ask myself all the time why do I train? Why do I workout so hard day in and day out. Where do my goals lie?

I want to be in shape if something ever happened and needed to take care of my family.

It is the only healthy outlet I have ever found to manage my anxiety.

Training keeps me sharp in world where I feel surrounded by a growing softness. I want to be an example of the exact opposite to my gym and to my family. Hopefully I can be a small influence people to aspire to more than mediocrity.

Fitness has changed what my family does for fun. Our fun revolves around being outside and being active.

It is easy around the time of the CrossFit Open to get wrapped up in the numbers of training but I doubt this is why any of us got started.

Train get better in the gym but don’t get so wrapped up that you forget why you started in the first place.

Get outside of the 4 walls of the gym. Run, jump, climb, swim and hike. Play sports with your friends, use the fitness found at CrossFit to live a happy full life.

Most of us got started because we wanted to be the best version of ourselves. Do not lose sight of your why!

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