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Beating The Odds

There are many ways you can measure your health and wellness. Cholesterol levels, body fat, muscle mass, and blood sugar levels can all be markers used to see where you stand. The thing is, without exercise and a healthy diet in your life, wellness can quickly turn into sickness. That being said, when factoring those things in, wellness can actually turn into fitness, and back and forth depending on your lifestyle.

CrossFit gets labeled at times as something only extremely fit people can do. When the CrossFit Games air on TV, people that aren’t in the CrossFit community just see loads of athletes with washboard abs and ripped arms. They don’t realize the basis in which CrossFit started, and it has always been and always will be changing the lives and health of those who walk in the door. The CrossFit founder Greg Glassman mentioned once, that more CrossFit gyms have helped a member lose 100+ pounds than have sent a member to the CrossFit Games, and that was always the intent. A pastor asked a coach if he needed to lose weight before starting CrossFit. The coach replied by asking the pastor if he told people they needed to get their life straight before they joined his church?

At this point in America, over 630,000 people died of heart disease in a single year. Changes in diet and adding exercise would’ve potentially saved the majority of these people if they had made a lifestyle change. We are determined at CFSS to try and help everyone beat these statistics. Doesn’t matter your age, your previous activity levels, whether you ever played sports, your size, or any other factor. We want you to live the best life you can, for the longest you can.

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