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Big Goals vs. Small Goals

You want to lose 50 pounds. You set your goal. You’re all in, 50 pounds is going to be all you focus on for months. But then 3 or 4 months go by, and you’re not losing as fast as you’d hoped. Things aren’t going the way you planned. You get discouraged; and then you quit.

Sound like something that’s happened to you before?

Goals are extremely important in physical fitness. They keep you motivated and accountable. But sometimes your goals aren’t serving you, they’re getting the best of you instead. You want to lose 50 pounds? Set smaller goals instead, and don’t focus on the weight. If you set smart goals, the weight will come off on its own. Only hitting the gym 2 days a week? Set a goal to start going 4 times per week. Eating fast food multiple times a day? Set a goal to one meal a week at maximum. Chugging sodas on lunch break? Set a goal to replace them with water. Making smaller, attainable goals will lead to lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes will lead to long term and sustained healthy habits.

We want to see you reach your goals and better yourself. Whether your goal is to maintain weight and build muscle, or to lose 75 pounds, we have your back. We want this to be a long term change, not a short term goal before a class reunion or holiday party that instantly ends the minute your event is over.

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