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It is crazy to think how far we have come in a few short years….   Our first location was a 1800 square foot garage.. Since then we have moved 2 more times, first to a 4,800 sq ft location and then to our 10,000 sq ft location we are currently in.  When we first opened two years ago in March of 2015 it just happened to coincide with a blizzard which made for some long days those first few weeks.

On a good week we might train 20 people and it was so exciting!  Currently we train over 160 people in a week and it is just as exciting.

We could not be where we are today without all the wonderful people who believed in us, trusted us, and showed us support along the way.

We have been able to grow our Athlete Strength & Conditioning from 2 Kids our first summer open to now we train anywhere from 40-60 kids per week.  We have worked with GRC Baseball and Girl’s Soccer, Montgomery County Boys Soccer, Basketball , Girl’s Soccer as well as the Legends Travel Baseball.

In our time in business we have helped 2 people lose over 100 lbs and helped transform the lifestyle of so many more.  Right or wrong we have stayed true to our vision from Day 1.  We have built this gym on the core philosophy that building strength is paramount and quality movement will always trump quantity or speed.

We have built CrossFit Strode Station into a big crazy dysfunctional family I would not trade for anything.  We came to Winchester and did not know anyone here or start with one member and now we are over 160 including our programs.   I cannot wait to see where we are in a year.

Thanks for the love and support…

Shout to my A1’s from Day 1

Justen Hinerman

Maggie Tincher

Madison Edwards

David Arnold

Samantha Shimfissel-Mastin

Derek Mastin

Jessica Montgomery

Sara Binkley

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