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Changing The Game – Charlie

One thing you hear a lot about at CFSS is the community that you just don’t get at other gyms. But another is the results. CrossFit is a tried and true way to get into the best shape of your life. You don’t need to run a 6 minute mile and have abs to join, we will help anyone of any age or fitness level change their body and their mindset about fitness. This week’s post was written by one of our newer members, Charlie, who has already lost over 30 pounds in just a few months since joining. He talks about what he’s enjoying about CFSS and why this seems to be sticking.

“Since becoming a member at CFSS in August I have seen dramatic improvements in myself. I have been working out routinely 3-5 times a week since January 2017 before coming to CFSS. Since coming to CFSS I have dropped 30lbs and have noticed big improvements in strength. I used to jump on the scales and it kind of became a joke because they would never move, I would always laugh and say “still the same”. The workouts at CFSS have been what I was missing out on and needed. I have enjoyed having my limits and endurance pushed to the max in the workouts and being able to always see some form of improvement from week to week. The one thing I struggle with and really do not like is running, but I continue to go with it and it gets easier each time.

Everyone at CFSS has been inviting and always willing to give advice or help to make one another better. If there is someone you didn’t know they were quick for an introduction, so you would be acquainted and know one another’s name. This makes CFSS feels like a family and I am glad I made the decision to join.” – Charlie

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