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Cheers To 5 Years

Shew, what a ride it’s been! 5 years has passed in a flash. It has not always been easy, but it has been worth it. Days like today allow me to sit back and reflect on how far we have come. I get so busy running the business, it’s easy to forget where we started.

I can remember when we first opened, all the “what kind of gym are you opening?“, “Where are or where are all your machines?”, “It’s in the garage?”. I don’t remember many people having much positive to say about our opening.

Being new to the area and really having no idea what I was getting myself into, we signed our first lease to open the gym two months before we moved to Winchester and had only driven around town a couple of times.

As I’ve said many times before, We moved locations three times in three years. Anytime we had extra money we always invested back into the gym with new equipment, believing that our environment and atmosphere was really important to our success.

We are extremely proud of where we started and where we are. Our first gym was 1800 ft.² with zero members. We moved to Winchester without knowing a single soul. Our current facility is 10,000 ft.² and we train about 200 people a week between our Crossfit, personal training, kids classes, and athlete strength & conditioning programs.



19 Kids from our S&C program have went on to play sports in college

7+ members 100lb weight loss

Train 200+ weekly

Countless goals met & Lifestyles changed

Clark foundation grant recipient to provide fitness for Phoenix Academy

DJFS grant recipient to provide fitness for Phoenix Academy

Opened 2nd Location in Georgetown

Added Kettlebell Classes

Hosted 8 powerlifting meets

Hosted 11 CrossFit Competitions

60+ members participated in CF open


1 Charity Trail run

2 Charity powerlifting meets

Heart walk participant

Austism Awareness fundraiser

Service Dog fundraiser

Drop off location for goods for WV flood victims

Yearly coat drive location

Hosted multiple trainings for first responders

4 year Biggest Turkey winner Turkey Troy

Donated free memberships to charities around a town

Hosted Mother Son day at Strode Station Elementary

Hosted Stride Program


Cards travel Baseball

9U 11U 13U

Montgomery County Boys and Girls Soccer

Montgomery County boys basketball

GRC Girls Soccer

GRC Softball

GRC Baseball

GRC Lady Cards Basketball

GRC Football

GRC Boys and Girls Tennis

GRC Dance team

Bath County Boys Basketball

Bath County Softball

I want to thank all of the people who have ever been to our facility, tried a class or been a member. Everyone has had an effort in shaping who we are today. Our members make our facility first class and our a huge selling point of our programs. Thank you!!

Also to my wife and my family. Thank you for your love and support. The gym requires a lot of time and odd hours. Without their love and support this would not be possible.

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