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Covid19 update

Hello all!

Just wanted to drop a line in the group here and let everyone know about the steps we’re taking here at the gym to ensure we keep it healthy and safe for you all!

1.) We’re mopping after the morning and evening sessions! Disinfecting the gym daily, so rest assured; the gym will remain clean!

2.) No communal check-in for class! Please check in from your phone or have a coach check you in!

3.) Again, just as we said the other day, if your kids aren’t feeling well, please do not bring them to the gym. If YOU are not feeling well, please avoid coming to the gym.

4.) We will spend the last five minutes of every class cleaning equipment, just as we did yesterday.

5.) We will be providing at-home training for folks that don’t feel comfortable coming to the gym! You can access it by going to the WodTogether page; and you will now see a link for “At Home Training” on the daily WOD recap.

6.) We want to help people remain accountable to their nutrition during this time, so Coach Jocelyn will be leading up a version of our nutrition challenge scheduled for this month.

7.) The 7pm class will be Open Gym and Day Time Athlete S&C sessions will be available to limit foot traffic through the facility at one time. We will have S&C at 11:00 am, 3:00 pm, and 6:00 pm to slow down the heavy traffic at night since school is out.

The gym is a safe and comfortable space for many and we want to help keep it that way for you all! Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns!

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