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CrossFit : The difference is in the community 

-Samantha Maines

What comes to mind when you read the word ‘Community’? Terms like ‘fun’, ‘togetherness’, ‘accountability’, ‘tight-knit’, ‘team’ or even ‘family’ are just a few I think of and only a small amount that can describe what Crossfit Strode Station is truly all about. At CFSS, it is exactly that – a team, a family.

Just recently I was speaking with an old friend (from my softball days) because she wants to get back to it, so naturally, I recommended Crossfit. The coolest part about her response? She didn’t scoff like a lot of people do, she actually mentioned that she has enjoyed the videos I’ve posted because she can hear our ‘team’ in the background coaching and cheering each other on. I can’t speak for anybody but myself, but I enjoy watching others succeed, what better way to do that then at CFSS? One can walk in, look around and see that it’s not just a gym, but it is a community.

Have you all seen that commercial about “gymtimidation”? That is apparently a very real thing and its what drives people away from any gym. But, I feel as if the community aspect at CFSS is the driving factor to outweigh the “gymtimidation”. Everybody talks to everybody, we all try to make new members, drop-ins, –whatever they may be—to feel welcome and included. I’ve been that new person; I’ve witnessed it firsthand.

(While I’m getting mildly personal, when I first came to CFSS I was pretty unmotivated, I dropped Graduate School (I hated it), I was so bored with the old workout plan I had, and quite frankly, I didn’t have many friends. But, I walked into CFSS and instantly was greeted and talked to by many members. Those members I now call friends, all because of how the atmosphere felt like a community. That’s what I was searching for.)

For what it’s worth, if you want a good workout, a healthier, better lifestyle, a lot of motivators, some new friends, great coaches, a new community to join and all around a good gym atmosphere, come check us out and work out with us on January 14th! We are having an open house that starts at 9 AM and I promise you won’t want to miss it! Bring your friends if you’re already a member!

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