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CrossFit: Too Much Too Soon 

As CrossFit (the fitness model) continues to grow in popularity there has also been a spike in CrossFit (the sport). With that being said I am seeing more people doing “competitive CrossFit” training, which is great IF you plan on competing. However, if you don’t plan on competing in CrossFit the sport.. what is the purpose of doing this type programming?

I understand wanting to increase your physical capabilities, but is choosing a HIGH level program the right path to take? Just because the program “looks cool” or “looks hard as hell” doesn’t necesscarily make it the right program to help you reach your goals. CrossFit the sport is no different than any other sport (baseball, basketball, or golf)… you have to build a solid foundation with the basics of your sport… (you can’t randomly hop in a NASCAR and win the Daytona 500 if you can’t drive a Prius around your block).

In my personal opinion most people decide to use these programs with the basis of “more is always better” and in relation to CrossFit I would have to strongly disagree with that thought process for multiple reasons. One of the main reasons being most people who start using these programs aren’t ready for the volume which can lead to many different issues for the athlete (lack of time to pay attention to THEIR weaknesses, always “wrecked”, viewing everyday as “competition” instead of “training”) all of these issues can lead to a quick “burnout” on CrossFit as a whole. Another issue I see with athletes who chose to use these programs/blogs is their inability to actually do the program as it is designed.

So, if you aren’t capable or able to do the program as it was written then you are probably missing out on the most important (WORD like attribute) in CrossFit… INTENSITY. That is the one thing that cannot be lost in competitive training is the intensity.

-Coach Corey

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