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Day 1

Your first day. You may be apprehensive, nervous, and not 100% sure of what you got yourself into. But you walk through those front doors anyway. The first thing you’ll see is people sitting around talking with other members. Laughing. Catching up. Smiles. People will come introduce themselves. Ask you if you’re excited. And then class will start.

The coaches will run through everything. But even then, you may have questions. That’s okay. Don’t hesitate to ask the coach what the heck an HSPU is if you see it on the board that day. Even the person standing next to you will be able to help. The thing is, every single person in this gym, even the coaches, were new to CrossFit at some point.

The warmup will start. You’ll stretch, start to move, potentially even start to sweat. Then comes the real work. The hard part of the workout. But guess what? We’re all in it together. Every one next to you is struggling. No matter how seasoned you may be in CrossFit, with heavier weights and increased reps, they will still be right there with you sweating. Don’t feel like you’re holding anyone up if you’re a little slower than others. Again, we ALL started somewhere. And then, as others may finish before you, you’ll see people around you clapping, cheering you on. We don’t pack up and leave as soon as we’re finished. We’ll be there helping you get through it. And then once you’re done, we’ll help you put away your weights and equipment while you’re catching your breath.

You may not know a single person at this gym when you walk in, but I promise you, you will leave with friends. This is why this gym is different. This is why it’ll feel like your new home.

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