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I am extremely routine oriented and maybe a touch OCD. I enjoy structure, every night before I go to bed I create an agenda for the follow day. A bit much? Maybe but it helps get all my tasks accomplished, prioritize my day and maximize my time. I set my day around the training sessions I coach, the business functions that need accomplished and ultimately when do I get to train.

Last Wednesday I finished my coaching and completed all the tasks I needed to take care of. It was my time to train. My training called for hill sprints. I finished my warm up and went outside to start running. After starting my sprints the sky opened up. I went back and forth in my head should I go in, I could just row, I can do this another day, blah blah blah. Ultimately I decided I was going to finish. I finished my 6 remaining hill sprints in the pouring cold rain. I kept thinking to myself why, why am I doing this. As I am sure a lot of you think the same things during a training session.

I finally decided my why was because I wanted to be different. I do not want to be like every one else. I want to seek out the hard things. They keep me sharp. I find regularly doing hard things make everything easier.

When everyone else is looking for the easy way. The quick fix. The hack. I want to do the work.

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