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Do you schedule your week?

We all want to reach our fitness goals, we all want to do it as fast as possible and if we don’t see immediate results we get discouraged and fall off the wagon. Your fitness and wellness isn’t something to give up on so easily and it’s not something that happens at the drop of a hat. It takes discipline and hard work. But how do you stay disciplined and keep your hard work mentality?

Keep yourself on a regular schedule. One that you can maintain, And not burn yourself out because you’re training 7 days a week and intensity suffers. But also a schedule that you are training often enough that it becomes a habit. Recommend at least 3 days a week for newer gym members and no more than 5/6 days for more experienced.

Any time your intensity starts to fall off, you are no longer making the correct strides to your goal. Our intensity dictates our results so don’t sacrifice intensity for time in the gym.

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