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Don’t drop your goals when the leaves begin to fall.

Make or break. That’s what the fall and winter are to most people’s overall fitness. It’s easy to stay motivated early in the year. In January, everyone has resolutions. In the early spring, most people are trying to make sure they’ll look good at the pool or beach. But once the vacations and trips are over, how do you keep pushing through? We won’t lie, it isn’t easy.

But picture this. January 1st 2019. You have goals and resolutions for the year. But not a single one is based on your weight or workout schedule. You kept working towards your dreams in the fall and winter. This year you’re focusing on family, or financial goals. You aren’t trying to drop 50 pounds to get in a bikini, because you stayed the course even in the colder months.

Juggling the kids in school, extra curricular activities and making the gym can seem impossible at times. But that one hour class is only 4% of your entire day. Everyone has the same 24 hours. Make yourself a priority for one of them. Use your friends at the gym, keep each other accountable. Keep track of your progress. Get excited to workout everyday, don’t think of it as a punishment for what you ate that week. It’s easy to bundle up and watch a Netflix marathon when the temperatures drop, but what is going to make you feel better in the long run, mentally and physically? Plus; the gym will be a lot cooler inside soon. So, maybe the winter isn’t so bad after all.

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