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Don’t lose your mind when school starts back!

The school year is lurking around the corner. While some of the parents at the gym may be throwing a secret celebration(let’s face it, most of us likely are), it can mean the laid back flow you had going day to day won’t cut it. But how can you ensure your kids are at school on time, you’re making it to their activities, and still finding at least a little time for yourself?

1. We can’t stress enough how much planning ahead will help alleviate chaos. Have outfits out and ready for the kids, and yourself. Ensure the small things like socks and shoes are where they need to be. Lay out your work outfit AND gym outfit the night before. Pack your lunch the night before as well. Leaving the house with less stress will make the rest of your day seem to flow better as well. Starting the morning off running around frantically and screaming at the kids is just as detrimental to your day as it can be theirs.

2. Meal prep on weekends. Having food ready for a few days takes a lot of things off your plate. Cut up the veggies for dinner, have everything ready to dump into a crock pot and go. When the kids have two practices, and you’ve got to get homework done, and you’ve got a work project due, having to spend 5 minutes on dinner vs 45 minutes will be a game changer.

3. Yes, your kids are a huge part of your life, but don’t neglect yourself. Kid has multiple practices across town? Find another parent you trust on the team and swap carpools. Feel like you need to be on the PTA, make cookies for every holiday, should be the team mom, and sign up for all kinds of volunteer activities? These things are great. But prioritize. You can’t pour from an empty cup. Say no every once in a while. We promise, the world won’t end, and you’ll be glad you have a second to catch your breath.

4. Take advantage of our earlier or later class times. Kids older and able to get themselves ready for school? We have classes at 6:00 am you can knock out and have the rest of the day free. Or have young ones that you need to bring with you after school? We have the kids area at the gym for that.

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