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Don’t wish for it, work for it

Don’t wish for it, work for it.

Motivation, will power, determination. All similar but required when you have goals, whether it’s education, a job, earning a paycheck, or in this instance being as healthy or strong as you can be. Unlocking your true potential.

Motivation is very up and down, we all struggle with it. Sometimes you are required to do without any, how do you perform? How do you still excel with little or no motivation? You show up, you push past those barriers without hesitation. That is called will power.

Will power is constant for many of us. Maybe for some of us in different areas of life, but will power exist in areas that are most important to us. Self control and realizing that you must DO/ACT to achieve any short or long term goal. In one day you can’t accomplish everything, but over a life span of daily drive and will power you will earn and achieve many goals.

Determination among all 3, is the most powerful. It’s a mindset and trait you cannot teach, you cannot force and usually comes with Motivation and Will Power. Having this trait provides motivation and produces will power, if you are determined you don’t need someone to tell you to get your ass off the couch. There’s a voice in your brain saying, you will never earn this if you don’t do something. There is no off switch, determination is constant.

Bridget Webb has been a client of mine for going on two years. She is also a member at S3 Athletics. Since day 1, she has expressed each trait to become a healthier and stronger individual. 

First, Bridget asked if we could do 30 minute blocks addressing weaknesses after a class once a week. With her ultimate goal to be stronger.

Eventually after a few months, we started working together on weekends 1 hour blocks on Sunday. With goals of achieving a 300# deadlift, 200+# Squat, and a strong bench or press.

Over a year, we have hit many PRs, inching our way to achieving her goals. She never says she doesn’t feel like it or doesn’t want to do something I have planned. She just complains for a few seconds and says let’s do it. She understands that I want what is best for her and to help her achieve any goals she has and also to be strong, healthy, and confident.

None of those traits were given to her, she she doesn’t ask for any handouts. Everyday I never have to question if she is giving the best effort or if she will want to do something. Unless it’s a rest day because her drive and determination is constant and has lead her to make a dramatic change in her life and she will continue each day to push herself and past any barriers.

Don’t wish for it, work for it. Don’t ask for empathy, work for it. We all have our issues, we all have a reason to not do it or rocky roads but work through it, don’t give in. Never turn off that switch.

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