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Eliminating Excuses

Eliminating Excuses

As a coach, you need to be sympathetic while also being blatant for what it takes to achieve your goals. We hear it all, also hear that we are getting stronger and endurance is better than it was before but we aren’t losing weight fast enough.

First thing I ask is, what is your nutrition currently like. I don’t eat terrible usually means you don’t track, tracking is a simple way to know what portions you are or should be eating.

If they are eating proper food, tracking and limiting cheat foods, exercising regularly, sleeping 6-8 hours then I tell them to stop weighing yourself so frequently. There are other body composition goals to pay attention to, your weight will change often. Body fat, body measurements(waist, arms, chest, neck) will change as well.

The number one rule in my book is if you eliminate your excuses such as nutrition, exercise(as well as restoration), sleep, target your goals directly then you are essentially not allowing your body a choice but to change positively. That leads to the next excuse, consistency.

Thomas Sargent came to me about 4-5 months ago Post-Quarantine with an obtainable goal of losing weight, body fat, and putting on muscle mass/toning up. With him doing 5-6 days a week of CrossFit classes and already tracking his macros our goal together was to train an additional 30 minutes of body building/hypertrophy and continue losing BW and Body Fat at a sustainable rate.

We started week 1 at with a BW of 200# 38” waist and 18% BF after 4 months of training and advice we dropped to 175# 31” waist and 9.5% BF.

What’s the solution? Thomas came to me motivated and realized what it took from Day 1 and listened to every bit of advice I gave him. Early on I told him exactly that, “if you don’t allow your body a choice but to change, checking all of the boxes your body will positively change” Thomas did that everyday, I also told him to accumulate 8-10 miles running each week. Each day before class he would run a mile or more.

Our bodybuilding/hypertrophy consisted of high rep exercises waving and increasing in intensity each week. Targeting upper body and abs/obliques. Some last longer than 30 minutes and he’d cuss me because of difficulty but still at the end, we aren’t worried about the weight just targeting the muscle groups and getting high volume increasing blood flow to tris, lats, chest, shoulders and finish with abs.

We are currently working on adding muscle mass, what some people call bulking. We are gonna add 5# and then maintain. We will continue that until we see and add the results we want to see and then cut back down to a comfortable weight. Thomas has seen tremendous results from this methods even if it is hard to see it each day, from start to now in a short amount of time this is the results and we can’t wait to see what 4 more months look like.

All it takes is Eliminating any excuse that can keep you from achieving any long term goal you may have and realization that this is a lifestyle change not always a day to day result. Sometimes it’s week to week, month to month, year to year. Wanting change requires consistency and guidance.

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