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Event Schedule

The next few weeks are going to be jam packed with all kinds of events. We wanted to make sure everyone knows about the schedule changes this coming weekend.

We will be hosting the Bourbon Barbell Bash Powerlifting Meet this Saturday. Due to the meet, all normal Saturday classes will be cancelled. To make up for the time, on Sunday, we will have an Open Gym from 4 – 6 pm, and our Athlete Strength and Conditioning class will be held from 4 – 5 pm during that time frame. So you can come in and work with barbells, do your own workout, and use whatever equipment you’d like.

There are still some spectator tickets available, and we have several CFSS family members competing. So if you want to come watch some insanely strong people do some insanely strong stuff, and cheer on our fellow members, be sure to jump on tickets soon!

Our Open workout Friday night was one of the largest we’ve ever held. We are over the moon that we had so many people sign up and commit to this the next several weeks. To make it slightly more streamlined, we’re actually going to have sign in’s for heat times once we find out what the workout will be and the length of time. There were so many people in and out during those few hours, we want to make sure everyone gets to compete in a timely manner, and everyone also stays and judges at least one heat to be fair to everyone. Friday was a ton of fun and we can’t wait to do it again this week.

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