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Festivus 2018 Recap

Festivus isn’t for the faint of heart. It is a competition that will push you to your physical limit, but when you feel like you’ve got to tap out, you have people all around you cheering you on, screaming your name, and pushing you to keep going. These athletes didn’t quit when it got hard, they didn’t stop when they felt like they were out of gas. It’s a humbling experience to watch as a spectator. The competitors left it all on the floor, gave it every bit of heart, and we were honored to cheer you all on.

There were 3 different divisions within the competition: Novice, Intermediate, and Masters. Within the categories there were male and female classes. We had competitors from gyms all over Kentucky. Crossfit Maximus, Rich City, Fort Harrod, Catz, and CFSS all had multiple competitors in the field this weekend. The workouts and Rx weights had variations from division to division, but they were all extremely challenging.

We are proud to say that several of our athletes placed in their divisions. Here’s a quick recap of our members who ended up on the podium.

In the Women’s Novice Division, we had Jocelyn, Caitlin, and Brittany reach the podium. It was a CFSS clean sweep.


In the Men’s Novice Division, we had Jason and Billy place.


In the Men’s Intermediate Division, we were proud to see Austin and Brendan come in 1st and 2nd.


In the Men’s Masters Division, Bill and Mike came out on top.


We also want to give a huge shout out to three people in particular; Robin, Matt, and Patti. They are members of our Kettlebell classes, and haven’t had the time at the barbell that our other members had. They had a daunting task ahead of them, and they blew us all away. Thrusters, Power Cleans, and Shoulder to Overheads are lifts that even people in our CrossFit classes still have a tough time with. Great job you guys. While this was a tough competition for anyone, you all didn’t let that disadvantage scare you away from competing. We’re all extremely proud of you all.

To all the friends, family members, and members who came out to cheer everyone on, thank you for showing up and being loud and proud. Even when members from other gyms needed encouragement, you all were right there yelling and cheering and clapping. The atmosphere was uplifting, and that was because of you all.

Also, last but not least, another huge thank you to all the members and coaches who helped make this event run. We got compliments from members at all the other gyms about how well it was run, and how smoothly everything went. This event could not have happened without you guys. And watching Natasha and Chris counting double-unders was definitely amusing. There is no way I could have done that without my eyes crossing.

As for next year, we hope to see even more of you all out. Though they may be extremely sore, and pretty tired, I would venture to say not a single athlete in the competition regrets signing up and competing. This is something to be proud of, something to be excited about, something to strive towards.

Again, congratulations to EVERY SINGLE athlete who competed. You all did us proud.

Breakdown of all WODs

WOD 1 : Clean Lunges and Dirty Shoulders AMRAP

Novice/Masters (85# Male/55# Female)

7 Power Cleans, 5 Front-Rack Reverse Lunges, 3 Shoulder to Overhead

Intermediates (115# Male/85# Female) AMRAP

7 Power Cleans, 5 Front-Rack Reverse Lunges, 3 Wall Walks

WOD 2 : Chip’n & Twist’N with 15:00 minute cap

50 Dumbbell Snatch alternating, 40 plate-hop burpees, 30 Air Squats, 20 No-Rock Hand-Release Push-Ups, 10 Pull-Ups(Intermediate)/Ring Rows(Novice/Masters)

At the top of every minute, the athlete has to stop where they are at, and do 8 Plate-Hold Russian Twists.

WOD 3 : Thruster Mathlete AMRAP

Max-rep thrusters for 30 seconds followed by 1 minute and 30 seconds of rest x 4 (choose your own load)

WOD 4 : Toss Me a Rope, I’m Drowning

Part 1 – Max meters rowed in 1 minute

Part 2 – Max Double Unders or Single Unders in 2 minutes

WOD 5 : Finals WOD(Only for top 5 athletes in every division)

30-20-10 Kettle Bell Swings and Wall Balls

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