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Festivus Recap 

I will be short this week. I’m still not recovered from the Festivus Games yet and I did not even compete. Congrats to our podium finishers

Lisa & Krystle

Brendan & Austin

Bill & David Thanks to all of the other Athletes that competed from Strode Station Crystal & Beth

Dean & Shane

Matt & Rodney

Bob & Chris

Samantha & Brittany

Alexis & Natasha

Kyle & AJ

Jason & Paul

Thanks to all the volunteers who helped through out the day.

When I got home last night and flipped through my social media it was flooded with pictures from the event. As I scrolled through them all. It gave me an immense since of pride knowing what we have built at CFSS. So many of you stepped outside your comfort zone and for that I am just so honored to be a part of that growth. I’m proud of all that competed and humbled that so many of you volunteered your time. I have to say my favorite part of the day well besides Alexis’s insta story takeover if you didn’t see it you missed out was the deadlift ladder. It was packed with people, the music was blasting, the crowd was cheering and people were pushing there physical limitations. In the moment it was exciting, intense and full of emotion.

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