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From the Athlete’s perspective

As a college athlete (baseball player), I know the importance of off season strength and conditioning. That’s why when deciding where to spend my off season training, I take it very seriously. I can honestly say that one of the best decisions for my career has been training at CrossFit Strode Station.

I have spent two winters and a summer at CFSS and the benefits on and off the field have been tremendous. On the field, I noticed major improvements this past season. Before I started my time at CFSS, I batted a measly .260 with ZERO home runs. Yes, ZERO. After spending last winter at CFSS, I had a breakout season in which I batted .320 with TEN home runs and was tabbed to the all tournament first team for the Mountain East Conference. Coincidence? I think not. CFSS helped me improve in multiple aspects of fitness. From improved numbers in every lift, to improved speed. Those improvements obviously carried over to the field.

Working out at CFSS has not only helped me physically, but socially as well. The environment of the gym at CFSS is unmatched by anyone in this area. Everyone is family and we all just want to see each other reach goals. The family and community atmosphere is what pushes CFSS over the top in comparison to other businesses. I have made so many new friends through Crossfit Strode Station. Not just acquaintances, but true life long friends that I can count on.

In closing, if anyone is looking for a place to improve physically whether it be for a sport or just to be healthier physically you have to go to Crossfit Strode Station. If you are looking to interact and meet people and make new friends while pushing to become a better version of yourself, you have to go to Crossfit Strode Station. I highly recommend going and checking it out! You will not regret it I promise!

-Steven Davis

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