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Happy 3rd Birthday CFSS

I am not sure where time has gone, but this week will mark 3 years for CrossFit Strode Station. With the twins coming and the gym being busier than ever I have not had a ton of time to reflect on this milestone.

When we signed our first lease we had ZERO members and only enough money in our bank account to pay 2 months rent. There was no back up plan. I have believed and bet on myself time and time again since opening the gym. At every opportunity we reinvested in the gym with bigger, nicer locations, more equipment and more programs.

That brings us to where we are today, a beautiful 10,000 sq ft facility. We offer KidsFit, Yoga, Kettlebell Club, Athlete S&C and CrossFit. This year we are looking at another big equipment purchase and adding 1-2 more new programs to our schedule. We have barbell/ skill class in the works and are developing a cardio based class.

What started out at ZERO has grown to three location changes and now we serve 140+ per week in our programs.

CFSS would not be possible with out all the wonderful people who have trusted me with their goals and making the investment to prioritize their health. These people include anyone who has ever came out CFSS to give it a try, the local coaches who have trusted me to work with their athletes and my wife who has been there since Day 1, who helped support me as I tried to build my dream. I would be remiss If I did not mention Andrew, Natasha’s and Mike for their dedication to CFSS. Lastly I want to Thank Corey, although we have parted ways as business partners we remain close friends. The gym would not be the place it is today with out him.

Most mornings I walk in and place my keys on the desk and still smile because it does not seem real what CFSS has become.

All I can say is THANK YOU.

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