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Having fun on the farm!

While the gym was hosting the Anchored In Iron powerlifting meet, Mark Swartz graciously volunteered his farm to host an off-site workout for the members who weren’t part of the meet. And he and a few masterminds didn’t disappoint. They set up a 4 mile relay-race course along with a “buy-in” at each mile. The course and workouts were hard, but so much fun. There were 6 teams of 4, each who had to do a separate workout and run one mile. The final winners Russ, Rebecca, Kirkwood and Neal, who finished in about 65 minutes total. Mark had surprised everyone the night before by going out and buying a ton of prizes of the Yeti variety to give away to the participants, and also made lunch for everyone there. The land was unbelievably beautiful, the group was excited and ready to work. To everyone who came out, we’re so glad you came. And to the Swartz clan, and all those who helped set up, a MASSIVE thank you for your hard work and effort. We all had so much fun and can’t thank you enough for the hospitality! We hope to be able to do something fun like this again!

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