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How it all started 

A little over 6 months ago, my husband decided we needed to try out this new CrossFit Strode Station joint in town. Running was never his thing and lifting was DEFINITELY never my thing. The thought of joining something together, aside from marriage and child rearing, was scary given we can’t even agree on how to fold towels. We strolled in that first day ready to get this thing going not having a clue what this was all about. When they told me what the “buy in” workout was to be, I couldn’t help but think this bearded dude was crazy. Did he not see me? Sure, Tim is 6’3 with an athletic build and can pull this off or die trying. Did he not see me? Mommy with a mommy gut who may or may not have consumed too many french fries in the last few years. All the while, some guy named Matt was cheering us on like we had known him our entire lives. OMG! We finished and were still vertical. High fives from this Matt guy.

Misty Dove-Gibson

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