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How to keep your cool in the heat.

With the temperatures rising, we all are expecting to leave the gym covered in sweat. While you’ve heard a lot of advice about what to do in the heat over the course of your lifetime, here’s a few more ideas to keep your body running at is most efficient, even when the temperature outside is blazing.

1. Drink 16-24 oz of room temp water about an hour before your workout. Don’t wait until you’ve worked up a sweat and feel parched to start drinking. You also need to drink a couple of glasses post-workout, so don’t stop chugging as soon as the clock stops on the AMRAP.

2. Electrolytes are just as vital as water when you’re losing a lot through sweat. You know how your eyes sting when you get sweat in them, especially towards the earlier part of a workout? It’s due to the higher salt content. While a lot of doctors in the past advocated for low sodium intake, the general consensus now is that, when working out strenuously in high temps, you should actually be adding a bit more sodium to your daily intake, especially before and after a workout. Also, be sure to eat potassium rich foods on workout days, to help avoid cramps. Avoid the sports drinks with tons of chemicals and high calorie counts, there are tons of supplements online that do the same thing without the added colors and high fructose corn syrup.

3. While black may be slimming, avoid it during a workout. Stick to light colors, especially on days we’ll be running outside or doing sled pulls.

4. A cold shower pre-workout. Yes, pre-workout. Don’t dry your hair either. It will help lower your core temp and lower your heart rate. If you don’t have the time, or the nerve, just get your head wet with cold water or use a cold towel or some ice on the back of your neck.

5. Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils provide a cooling effect, and actually open the nasal passage to help you breathe more deeply. Dabbing a small amount on the back of your neck and your temples to help out in the heat.

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