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Hurt or Injured

The difference between hurt and injured.

Jumping right in, everyone experiences aches and pain when training. From top level athlete to first timer. The pain and struggle is real and it isn’t uncommon.

The difference is that more experienced athletes or gym goers know that it’s all part of the process or their sport. The difference is hurt can be dealt with through proper warm ups cool down and just over all taking care of yourself before and after training sessions.

Injured is another thing entirely if we Injur ourselves we usually know it immediately. It’s usually an imdiate stopage of use In the injured sight, which causes that workout to be cut short and

usually makes us spend time recovering and only recovering.

This type of scenario happens far less often than people believe because they mistake hurt for injured.

Just know that the aches and pains youre feeling when you wake up and when you first start warming up are common and things I myself deal with every single day. And because of that I must spend extra time warming up and cooling down. So if you’re experiencing this as an athlete take note of it and take the steps necessary for it to not hinder your training.

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