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Keep it simple.  

Recently we just finished a 12 week strength and conditioning camp with a local high school baseball team. Our plan going into the camp was to keep the movements as simple as possible and become as efficient as possible with them. The first few weeks started off relatively slow that way we could build our foundation of quality movement w/ body weight exercises and kettle bells before moving on to dumbbells and barbells. Some of our major focal points were, developing their trunk stability and control with crawling and anti rotation drills, developing overall strength and power with multiple different squats, deadlifts and heavy carries. In our program for baseball players or youth athletes in general we try to develop explosive strength w/ triple extension in the most basic ways possible (that way we don’t spend more time teaching than actually working out) we accomplished this through a variety of jumps, throws and tire flips. Our philosophy for our athletes isn’t complicated.

Show up with a good attitude, work your ass off while paying attention to mechanics and good things will happen.

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