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Keeping The Flu At Bay

While the leaves changing color in Kentucky is beautiful, and everyone loves bonfires and flannel, this time of year also brings along something nasty. Flu season is right around the corner folks, and we need everyone’s help to make sure we don’t have it running around at the gym.

The flu typically takes 1 – 4 days to actually show symptoms, even when you’re already infected with the virus. So even if you feel great, please take a couple precautions. Whenever you’re done with a workout, please wipe down your equipment. Ab mats, puzzle pieces, jump rope handles, and bands can all hold onto those germs. Wash your hands when you get to the gym before you touch any barbells or kettlebells. This is a group effort, but we want everyone to stay healthy. A lot of gym members have families at home and we don’t want this spreading like wild fire.

If you don’t feel well, and are showing any flu like symptoms, please be courteous to all your fellow gym members and stay home. If you want to try and do the WOD at the house; you can always message us and we can try and scale things to the equipment you have access to. While we admire all of your all’s dedication, taking a day off to rest if you’re feeling oncoming symptoms may be necessary.

Again, we have wipes readily available, so help us help you! Let’s make sure to stay safe and sanitary this flu season!

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