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Looking for something different?

It is the time of year where a lot of people are ready to start making some changes in their lives. Let me tell you about the AWESOME things CrossFit Strode Station has to offer a family or individual looking to make some positive changes in their life.  

We offer so much more than just our CrossFit classes.  

CFSS offers

Personal Training –

Have specific goals? Certain Skills you need more help with? Not interested in the group setting?  We can help you we have,  we have excellent coaches to help you reach your goals.   We can schedule these sessions to meet your needs

KidsFIt –

This class is for 8-12 year children.  We focus on developing proper movement patterns, teaching mechanics, learning new skills.  All while having a lot of fun.  The main focus is on basic human movement running, jumping, squatting, pushing, pulling and lunging.   We end each session with a game.  

Class meets T/TH 6-7pm

Athlete Strength & Conditioning

S&C sessions are small group training that revolve around developing a strong base of movement, learning proper mechanics to squat, deadlift, press and various other lifts.  All athletes must develop a base level of strength to meet the needs of the their given sport.   That is where we come into play.   We focus on the squat, deadlift and press to build base level of strength.   Odd object carries are a staple of our program.   Our athletes are resilient and mentally tough.  We keep conditioning really simple use a lot of kettlebells and interval work on our airdyne bikes to build aerobic capacity.   

M/W 6pm T/TH 6pm Saturday 10am


Looking for a fun way to get fit?  Our CrossFit classes first and foremost are about developing strength relative to each individual.  You will have a barbell in your hands every week in some manner.   We use barbells, kettelbells medicine balls, sandbags, and dumbbells.  We run, row bike and jump rope.  We do all this in group setting where we have tons of fun, working really hard and reap the benefits.

M-F 6am 8:30am 12 4pm 5pm 6pm

Sat 9am

Kettlebell Club

Our Kettlebell Club classes are an awesome fun way to exercise.  We do the same fun stuff as the CrossFit classes we just leave the barbells on the wall.  

M-TH 7pm


The yoga practice at CFSS is mostly restorative in nature.  We will flow through some poses too.   We train hard all week.  This is an opportunity to relax, reflect and give your body some love.  

Sunday 6pm

Everyone who works out at CFSS is part of our community.   Our goal is to create an environment where people feel safe, supported and pushed to be the best version of themselves.    

As we wrap up December and holidays come closer everyday

Check out what we have coming up over the next few months.    

Holiday Schedule

18-22 Normal Schedule

Sunday 24th No Yoga

Closed 25th  & 26th

27th 28th 29th 30th Normal Schedule

Sunday December 31st No Yoga

January 1st 11am

January 2nd

Resume normal schedule

January 1st

Check-in Challenge – Weekly winners and lots of giveaways.  All you do is check-in and #CFstrodestation

Membership Drive

We have upped the annie this time.  Any member you get to sign up in the month of January.  We will give you $50 cash..-This is good for any of our programs.   

Community Open House 1/27


*Free workout 10am

KORT Physical Therapy is partnering with us to put on this event at CFSS

Matt Barnhardt from Triple Crown Chiropractic will be on site

Jen Stone -Massage Therapist


Nutrition Challenge


CF intramural Open

Begins 2/22

Scaled and RX divisions

March 10th

3rd annual Strode Station Powerrliting meet

April 21st Festivus Games

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