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Make sure your training matches your goals.

Find a training plan to meet your goals.

Most of us started exercising to look good, feel good and be healthier.

Your training should reflect that.

CFSS follows a conjugate based style of training:

-We train hard.

-We train all energy systems.

-We rotate exercises often.

-We place a huge emphasis on accessory work.

-We train General to be specific.

CFSS believes, “you are only as strong as your weakest link”. Met-Cons are great for developing aerobic capacity. We are not the CrossFit you see on TV. We keep our movements simple and to your abilities. Your safety is our number one priority. We use movements to keep you in good positions. These movements help build strong capable bodies.

We squat, deadlift and press regularly; with limited focus on Olympic Lifts. CFSS focuses on pushing/pulling sleds, high rep resistance band work and spending a lot of time developing quality movement patterns.

This allows CFSS to focus on your safety, your health in order to help you reach your goals of looking and feeling better!!

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