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Making your food choices help your performance

Food can be delicious, but it also should be viewed as a fuel source. Preworkout and postworkout meals can and should be utilized to boost your performance in the gym. What you consume can drastically increase your output. While working out will help your overall body composition, the old adage that “abs are made in the kitchen” sadly holds true. It’s extremely hard to outwork a bad diet. Can you do an intense workout after a Big Mac and a large fry? Yes. But it will likely be a struggle.

Preworkout meals should be higher in carbohydrates. That being said, not all carbs are the same. Brown rice, sweet potatoes, and other complex carbs will break down and be much more effective than a donut from the gas station or pancakes covered in syrup. There are also options like protein waffles/pancakes that will help boost your energy as well as help with muscle building. Sweet potato hash for breakfast, or a Mexican dish with brown rice at lunch will work well.

Postworkout meals, especially on heavy lifting days, should consist of higher protein to help repair the small tears and damage done to the muscle. While protein shakes are a great substitute, especially if you’re on the go, actual protein in whole foods will be the best choice. Your body more readily digests it and can covert it to do its job faster. Workout early in the morning? Eggs, chicken sausage, and a slice of bacon or two will do the trick. Working out later at night? Go with chicken breasts, salmon, or steak.

We want to help you any way we can at CFSS. If you ever need help with nutrition, your coaches are always here for you.

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