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Managing volume and avoiding burnout

Managing volume and avoiding burnout.

You may notice some slight changes in our programming over the next few weeks. The end of the CrossFit Open, especially after two in one year, can be exhausting. It takes us out of our normal training cycles. The workouts every Friday are soul crushing, the environment is electric and it is the perfect storm for burnout.

For the rest of November, our conditioning is going to kept simple and volume decreased. Our focus is going to be on pinpointing weaknesses, and working towards getting stronger.

Sometimes less is more, but this is one of the hardest concepts for folks in the CrossFit world; if they don’t leave crushed it feels like it must not be a good day. That’s never been our style anyway. Look for lots of strength work and single joint hypertrophy work the rest of November.

Grab your gallon jug of water and let’s slow it down and train some arms.

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