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Meet your new staff!

So, with Natasha leaving, there was a huge pair of footsteps to fill. After getting a massive wave of applications, it wasn’t easy narrowing it down. In the end, we now have two additional trainers on staff. Jocelyn and Ryan are regulars at CFSS, and are going to be great additions. There was also a social Media and marketing position several months ago that I filled as well, so I figured it was about time I introduce myself too. Again, Natasha will be sorely missed, but Ryan and Jocelyn have always been extremely positive, helpful, and overall awesome individuals, and we know that you all will love them.

Hey guys, I’m Jocelyn. I’m a Firefighter/Paramedic. I was born and raised in small town Central Texas (think Varsity Blues for reference). From an early age my life revolved around sports and physical activity. Softball, gymnastics, dance, basketball, volleyball, skateboarding- you name it, I was into it. My true love was softball and I played year around from the ages of 8-16. In 2014 I moved to Lexington and began lifting weights and doing mainly hypertrophy or bodybuilding style work outs. I developed a love for pushing my limits and becoming stronger. I began doing more cardio intensive strength training when I was hired by WFD in 2015. In January I joined Crossfit Strode Station and immediately fell in love. I’m thrilled to be a part of a community devoted to health and wellness when I see all too often the negative impact a sedentary lifestyle can have on an individual. I’m so excited for an opportunity to be more involved. See y’all soon!

My name is Ryan most of you know me but I’ve been a member at CFSS for close to 2 years now and I have a background of about 10 years of fitness. Done numerous competitions and have worked closely with Josh and Andrew since becoming a member. I have had it on my mind to get more involved and start coaching for a while now and I’m very excited for this position and to begin coaching all of you. There is an art to coaching and making sure we are all getting what we need and the biggest thing I’m excited for is learning the programming on a different level and being able to provide the most knowledge I can obtain and be able to help each one of you personally as well as helping our gym grow continuously.

Hi guys! I’ve met most of you by now since I started at CFSS, but for those I haven’t, let me introduce myself! I’m Rachel, a married momma who is originally from Louisville. I work full time for JM Smucker/JIF in Lexington. I started working out at CFSS late last winter, and started this role with the gym a few months ago. I have many years of experience in retail management, marketing, and social media promotion. I hope over time this gym keeps growing, and that we can make a huge impact on Winchester and the surrounding communities. This place feels like a big family, and I’m really glad I’m part of this bunch! If you haven’t met me yet, I’m the one with the crazy colored hair that’s usually wearing a shirt referencing tacos or Mexican food. Come say hi!

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