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More Than A Gym

When you walk into a big box gym, there is a typical order of events. You stop by a front desk, scan a card to let them know you’re a member, you go work out alone with some headphones in for a bit, don’t really speak to anyone, and then leave for the day. There’s no one there keeping you accountable, no one to commiserate with.

There’s a reason why we have a large group of members who don’t just work out for a couple of months for a New Years resolution and then quit. We have built a community here at CFSS. When you walk in, we don’t have to check a member ID, we know who you are. The coaches and other members will check in when they haven’t seen you in a bit. We do outreach and fundraisers together, attend races and competitions together. There’s a driving force that makes people here feel like they’re a part of something bigger.

This year has been full of events and fundraisers at CFSS. Just this weekend, we had our first ladies only yoga event, where all our women got to spend time together trading stories, relaxing, and “taking up space”, which was lead by our awesome in-house yoga instructor Allison. We have our off-site workout at the Swartz farm where put together an intense but incredibly fun relay race for our members. Our members have run multiple Tough Mudders, Spartan Races, Ragnar Relay, Turkey Trots, and Rugged Red together as teams. There have been multiple competitions our members have competed in, as well as been hosted at CFSS where we had a ton of amazing volunteers.

An inaugural charity weight lifting meet was held at CFSS, and we’re planning a mud run in October with all the money going to a local FFA. As a group, we won an award for the most money raised for Relay For Life. We have hosted Hero WOD’s to honor our countries fallen, such as Murph and Hot Shots 19.

There is a reason our members start as strangers but end up feeling like family. We aren’t just another gym. We support each other through great days, and bad ones. We spend time together outside of class. This gym is a refuge for some, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We can’t wait to make more memories with you all.

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