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Motivation vs Dedication

Your 20 year reunion is coming up, an amazing beach vacation is in the horizon, you’re going to be a bridesmaid in your friends wedding soon. Whatever the case, you want to look good. You work out religiously for a few months, eat well, lose weight, and your event comes and goes. The motivation you felt suddenly starts to taper off. The office donuts are suddenly easier to grab than meal prepping. You find excuses to skip the gym.

People mistake motivation and dedication a lot. The two go hand and hand, but they aren’t interchangeable. When the motivation is gone, what keeps you going? Here’s a few things you can do to keep yourself showing up and making yourself proud.

1. Make a friend at the gym, and hold each other accountable. Try to come to the same class times when possible. Be each other’s cheerleader. Just a single text asking to meet for class during the day can change the course of your plans

2. Try to be consistent. Always come to the 4:00 class? The 6:00 am class? Try to keep that schedule when at all possible. Your body will be ready to go at the same time every day, and you’ll feel much better once you come.

3. Plan your day ahead of time. Lay your gym clothes out and have everything you need ready to go. That way if you’re a little late home from work, you don’t have that as an excuse.

4. Set goals that don’t have a time limit. Trying to lose 10 pounds before a certain date is great in the short term, but set some long-term goals. You want your first pull-up, or want to hit a 300 pound deadlift. Work towards it. Keep it written down somewhere. And when you hit that goal, upgrade it. Got your pull-up? Awesome. Now you can work towards a muscle up! Giving yourself goals that aren’t time based will keep you pushing long after an event has passed.

5. Write down your “why”. You may have more than one. Does working out boost your confidence at home and work? Do you love knowing your kids are seeing you strive towards a healthy life style and you want them to follow suit? Keep that in mind.

Motivation fades. But when dedication has been grown over time, it will keep you going long after.

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