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Muscles don’t equal manly.

“I just want to tone”. Women have been fed a myth for decades that picking up a barbell or some heavy dumbbells will cause them to put excessive muscle mass on and lose their curves.

Ladies, we are here to tell you, this couldn’t be further than the truth.

Feeling like you have to get on a treadmill for an hour multiple days a week to get the body you desire isn’t the answer. Muscle is vital to sustaining health now and in later years to come. Hypothetically, in a week, how often are you having to pick up your child? Carry heavy items around the house or at work? Potentially helping elderly family members up out of bed or patients at work? Now, how often in a week are you finding yourself running 2+ miles outside of a workout? Not often we would assume? While running and cardiovascular endurance are absolutely necessary to obtain a healthy body, you will require muscle far more often in your daily life.

Studies have been done on elderly patients who had spent much of their life either running marathons, lifting weights, or were mostly sedentary. The amount of muscle these people retained into their later years(as confirmed by CT scans), showed that the people who lifted weights retained much greater muscle mass compared to the other two groups. This helps protect from injury and helps them even with simple tasks most of us take for granted like getting out of bed or a chair unassisted, and having a higher quality of life.

To our women who have worked out with us: We see you. And we admire you. Picking up a barbell is already a bit out of the societal norms. But you’re setting examples for your coworkers. For your friends. For your daughters. Being thin for the sake of vanity isn’t what you’ve walked in our doors to achieve. You’ve come to get stronger and the weight of the barbell is the number your focused on, not as much the weight on the scale.

Let us help you get prepared for life, not just a bikini.

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