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Namaste y’all!

A lot of people hear the word “yoga” and automatically have thoughts of tall and slim women in Lululemon pants drinking smoothies. Truth is, yoga is for everyone. Not very flexible? Yoga can help. Muscle soreness from an intense leg day? Yoga can help. Stressful week ahead? Again, yoga can help. 

There is a preconceived notion of who does yoga, but we promise you, it can be beneficial no matter your age, size, gender, or flexibility level. Our CFSS yoga class is laid back, relaxed, and non-judgmental. Can you do the splits or barely touch your toes? Doesn’t matter. You’ll still feel better afterward.

Allison is a trained yoga instructor who is also an active member of CFSS. The best part about her training in CrossFit with us is the fact that she knows what is sore by the end of the week. She tailors her yoga classes to help alleviate pain and tightness in muscle groups that got hit hard throughout the course of classes. 

The class is free for members, and we love having visitors as well. If you have friends or family who are on their feet all day, or are hunched over a desk for 8+ hours every workday, this class can help them as well. 

Come spend an hour with your friends. Leave feeling like you’re ready to start new week off right. 5:00 pm on Sundays at CFSS. 

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