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Never too early to starting setting goals

As thanksgiving approaches and you begin to reflect on how grateful you are for the wonderful things in your life.  This time of year also inspires a lot of self reflection on my part.    Have I hit my goals for the year?  If no, why not? What do i need to re-evaluate?  Where am i falling short.  I am always my own worst critic, if you share this personality trait you know it is both a gift and a curse.    I always struggle with giving myself any praise but I try to pinpoint things I have done well to build off for the next year.   I am the process of evaluating my own personal goals and the goals that were set forth for the gym.   It’s been a great year for me personally and professionally.  Some goals have been achieved others still working towards but i have direction.   Where are you with your goals? Have you thought about what your going to do Challenge yourself in 2018?

In 2018, we will have CrossFit competitions in April, June and October, a powerlifting meet in March, Ragnar Ray in May, the Rugged Red in September and probably a few other random adventures yet to be planned.    Having a carrot to keep you motivated makes training fun, keeps you focused and is another experience you can check off the list.   Think about what are your goals this year and how can CFSS help you achieve them!

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